Splitting my brain

My goal is to capture a thought every day for the rest of the year, but I need to split my brain to make it happen.

The why

Writing is so key to design, and user experience design in particular, and I want more official practice. I’ve been meaning to do something like this for years, but I keep getting blocked by my fear and pride.

Thought blockers

My thought process would go like this: “How can I possibly put something out into the world on a website I haven’t designed myself? Or programmed myself? What would people think of me as a designer if I don’t do the design myself first? And really, this is a great opportunity to improve my coding skills, too.”

I’ve started learning Ruby on Rails, SASS, the console, an on and on, all with the thought that I’d do it all myself. But there’s always something else to learn. Some other way to make it perfect before I start to make anything.

Giving up

I’ve given up. I need to just make something, and tweak it as I go. The minimum viable product here is words on the web. The web doesn’t need another blog, but I do. My goal here is just to make something, to put it out there, to get better at writing.

The Stated Goal

I’m going to think, and write, and share a thought every day for the rest of the year. Some could have fit into a tweet. Perhaps some will be long. Many are likely to be unedited first drafts, but I offer no apologies. If this thing is full of mistakes, that’s fine.

The main thing is to keep moving forward.