Achievement Unlocked: Write Every Day for a Month

Getting something written every day has been a challenge, but I’ve hit a month now already! Here’s where it starts getting hard. What will happen when the novelty is gone? How will I continue to find something to think about and write about every day?

Will I find ways to get this thinking and writing done earlier in the day on a more consistent basis, or will late at night always be the only reliable time for me to write something?

Also hard has been avoiding other commitments and things I’d like to try doing. But I want to have this one cemented firmly in place before attempting to tackle any other major skill acquisition goals.

The most valuable thing so far has been realizing that I do have some things that I’d really like to explore and write about in more detail, and I never would have gotten around to writing any of them if I wasn’t making a point of writing something every day. Better to start with something than nothing, and quantity can beget quality.

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