Hey! Your quadcopter stole my soul!

Some people really hate drones. I get that there’s a paranoia about someone using their quadcopter to peer into your windows, but the fear and fervour that some have against quadcopters is fascinating.

There are no established social norms for personal drones yet, no collective sense of etiquette on how to use them right. Every technology has the potential to help and to harm, and without social norms around it yet, the salience of potential harm is that much more intense.

Then there’s the fear of the other. We’re not bothered by cameras so much now, because everyone has them, we’re always around them, they’re just a part of life. I remember not wanting your picture taken being quite a thing, but with the advent of the ubiquitous smartphone camera, it seems like that’s a lot less common.

I’ll got out on a limb here and say that Quadcopters are never going to be as ubiquitous as smartphones. What’s the polar opposite? Full cultural rejection a la Google Glass? A fad that recedes into unimportance? Or is the appeal of your own personal bird’s eye view just too enticing to ever go away?

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