Learning to live with sleep

I used to say that “If there was a cure for sleep, I’d take it.” As though sleep were a necessary evil. What I now know is that nobody really knows why we have to sleep. Sure, we know some of the things that happen when we sleep, but not why it can’t happen while we’re awake. But there’s so much about the brain that we still don’t know or understand.

As far back as elementary school, I used to feel like I was missing out on life in the hours I was asleep. FOMO before snake people were a thing people talked about. I resented sleep, and avoided it if I could.

What I’ve since learned is that when I’m exhausted, things just aren’t as fun. When I’m overtired, I want more than anything to be entertained, but I’ll search and search for something that looks good, but suddenly the whole Internet is boring. It’s the Netflix problem times a thousand.

I’ve learned that sleep is important, and helpful, and highly valuable for creative output. And I learned this just in time to have kids, which really throws a wrench in the works sometimes.

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