It’s hard to deny the voice right in your ear

It turns out I’m a real sucker for a good sponsor read on a podcast. They’ve been very effective at either getting me to buy products, or at least keeping them top of mind. 

But of all the podcast ads, Gimlet Media is definitely the best. They interview people at the companies, making each ad a unique little story. 

And just like Mystery Show grew on me from something I wasn’t sure about to something I love love love, the ads for Kind Snacks, little vignettes about ingredients, have got me hooked. Now I want to try the product just because I like the ads so much. 

There’s something special about the human voice. And getting it right in your ear? Well, podcasters I listen to regularly feel like close friends, even though I’ve never met them. And with my headphones on, it can like I’m right there, listening to the conversation. 

Ads on podcasts have got to be so much psychologically closer to a friend recommending a product that they are to commercials on TV. 

Whether they scale well or not, podcast ads are an interesting space to keep an eye on.  

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