Shredding valuable design magazines

Well, not shredding as much as just dumping a huge heap of them in the recycling. Why? Well, In the 5+ years since we moved to our current home, I’ve only looked at them a handful of times for reference. And I’m not sure how useful they’ve been in solving my problems. More often than not, the best solution is found in the content I’m designing for, and the idea for the solution comes from somewhere else.

Are they valuable then? Yes, for certain. Paging through them before taking the recycling out, I can see that there’s a wealth of material here that I would be hard-pressed to flip through as fast on the Internet, or to find as effectively. So I really don’t want to dispose of them, because I can see that they have value.

The question is: does the potential value of a great piece of reference material outweigh the burden of storing said material in a home where space is at a premium? And in a life where each owned thing is adds just a little bit of management burden? For me, right now? I don’t get enough value out of them. Perhaps in 30 years, the future me will wish I’d kept more for posterity, but posterity will just have to ask someone else.

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