Dessert that tells you to go elsewhere

On the ground floor of our new office building, the only cafe sells a wide selection of fancy desserts. The gorgeous cakes, super sticky cinnamon buns, and crunchy crumbly cro-rolls, entice me to bring them back to my desk with my coffee.

Clutching my paper bag with a pastry, or holding the little box with a personal-sized cake, I’ve return to my desk with the intention of mindlessly munching while sipping my coffee and working.

Each time my plan has been foiled.

These desserts are meant for a restaurant table! With a fork and knife, that cinnamon bun wouldn’t coat my fingertips. A crumbly cro-roll would be fine over a plate to catch the bits. Getting the cake out of the box wouldn’t be so troublesome if it was at a dinner table or counter.

These are sweets that demand your full attention. They exist to give you an experience. The pastry chef designed them for the needs of restaurant goers, rather than desk workers.

It’s a strange thing to have you dessert tell you to buy your snacks elsewhere.

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