Constrained to write breife, deep, and pithy

When I sit down to write, I feel this pressure to come up with something deep and meaningful. Why is that? Is it because that could be something short and it would relieve me of the need to write something long? In other words, is all my attempts at depth a sham for the sake of laziness?

Perhaps it’s timelessness that I’m after? That these things I make now have some value for the future beyond their present utility.

Deep life-changing thought isn’t the only kind of blog I read regularly. I also read tech blogs. And review blogs. And maybe that’s about it? Counting blogs would increase those topics to geek culture, neuorpsychology, news-comedy, and religion The one person who writes something every day that made me feel like this post-a-day task was possible is Seth Godin. Brief an pithy is definitely his style.

Do you write for the audience you have? Or the audience you want? Or just for yourself? I suppose you could do any of those. I don’t want to just write for myself and hope that it’s valuable for someone else. I guess I’m judgy about the kind of blog that’s just an online journal, or just not secure enough in myself to do that kind of writing? I feel this vague need to write a certain way because this is connected to my freelance designing self.

When I’m looking for what to write about, either I’m just forcing myself to put by butt in the chair and write until I’ve got something to post (like tonight), or I ask myself, “What did you think about today?”

Using myself and my own experiences is a constraint that I haven’t yet considered. If I had people I wanted to make a point of interviewing, or topics I wanted to research on and report on in detail, that would make for a certain kind of post, and would be something I could build around a theme.

However, with the constraint of writing every day, and not just quoting and commenting on articles written by others all the time, and having very little time to write on most occasions, those prep-heavy articles have gone out the window.

It’s fascinating to see how a very minor constraint, “post every day” has affected what I write. If I had limited it to “think and write something every day,” I could daily add to longer posts until they were ready. And revise before posting, rather than always posting unreviewed first drafts.

Do I really need to wait until the end of the year to change my constraints? No, but I will continue in this way until then nonetheless.

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