Oblivious to 80% of everything

I just started reading Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs, and the dark matter stuff isblowing my mind.

something else. 
I kind of knew the gist already: 80% of the matter in the universe is imperceptible to us, and we only know it’s out there because we can see the effects of its gravity. 
What’s really hitting home for the first time is how it’s everywhere. It’s probably passing right through us all the time, but we can’t sense or see it because its interaction with our non-dark matter is so weak. Not one of our senses, or even the atoms in our bodies are equipped to detect dark matter. We’re almost entirely oblivious to 80% of our surrounding matter. We only see and sense what we can see and sense. Our blind spots are as big as the universe. 
If we can’t even detect 80% of the physical stuff if the universe, what other biases do we have that prevent us from noting what’s happening in our surroundings?

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