Diminishing Returns Versus Just Get to Work Already

When I’m tired, starting in on what I need to do can be the hardest part. Every little distraction pulls my weary attention away with ease. Before long, I’ve wasted time, and it feels like I’ve hit the point of diminishing returns, and why don’t I just go to bed instead, and work on it tomorrow?

Thinking that tomorrow is likely to be the same is the furthest thing from my mind.

Where to the returns diminish? If I keep pushing the same things around the page, and not making anything new, that’s a waste of time. But there’s still a lot of work that just needs doing. And cracking down to listen to just one album of music and doing as much as I can in that time can build a little bit of valuable momentum to carry into the next day.

Especially if I can still get a decent night’s sleep.

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