A mysterious Christmas tree appeared in our storage room

Our artificial tree broke to pieces last year. Or did it?
Because we knew that our tree was broken, we hunted around for new trees this year, but all the ones we liked were either sold out, or too big for our apartment. I’d have put the tree up a week or two ago if we had one. With just a week to go before Christmas, we were coming to terms with the fact that we’d have no tree his year, even though it’s the first time our kid is aware enough of the world around him to enjoy a Christmas tree in the house. 
On one of my days off, I went down to our storage room to get some tools to do some paint touch ups in our hallway. While I was moving boxes around, I noticed that we still had our old Christmas tree box. I thought we threw that out last year. I remember putting the tree into the dumpster. I figured we must have filled the box with old baby clothes or something.
But my wife didn’t remember any of that. Today she asked me to go down and find out what was in that box. It was another Christmas tree. A smaller one. 
I must have bought it after the holidays last year. Or did we use it last year, and the one I threw away was two years ago? 
What’s mind-boggling is that neither of us can remember at all where the tree came from, or whether we used it at all. The destruction of the old tree still pushes to the forefront of our memories (as loss tends to do), but the acquiring of the new tree didn’t stick at all. 
It’s a Christmas miracle! Though it only feels like a miracle because of the fallibility of memory. 

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