“How can you listen to this?”

I listen to podcasts while I pack lunches. Yesterday I was listening to the final hour of my favourite group of geeks talking about The Force Awakens. My wife, playing with our son in the next room, was stunned by the geekiness.

Some podcasts are like top notch radio, but high production quality isn’t everything. Familiarity is huge. Have you ever followed your favourite morning radio host when he or she switched to a different station?

I went to see The Force Awakens by myself on a vacation day. I didn’t have anyone to talk to about it, even though that’s one of my favourite things about going to see movies. Because I’ve heard so many of these people on various other podcasts, listening to them talk about the movie feels like listening to friends. I get some of the same feelings as when I go out for coffee with friends after a movie.

What a strange asymmetry it would be, were I ever to meet any of them in person.

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