Why aren’t there more cold brew coffees out there?

Some of the fancier grocery stores carry Stumptown and 49th Parallel cold brew coffee bottles now. Cold brew coffee is smooth, delicious and easy on the stomach. If you’re looking for an easy entry point to loving coffee, cold brew could be it.

Because there’s no danger of cooking the beans, and almost no danger of over-extracting, I can’t imagine a brew method better suited for making a high volume of coffee. Do you need more than a giant holding tank with a slow agitator and a good filtration system? Why aren’t there tens of companies hawking bottled cold brew? Why isn’t it just a standard item on tons of restaurants coffee menus?

I feel like it’s got to be awareness. Maybe people just don’t know there’s a huge difference between hot coffee that’s been iced and coffee that was brewed without any heat. Starbucks has taken their first crack at doing cold brew coffee in Canada this year. Starbucks is great for the specialty coffee world, because their consistency and reach makes them a yardstick. “Worse than Starbucks” means one thing to the snob crowd, and “better than Starbucks” means something else to others.

Want another cold brew when your local Starbucks runs out? The bottled options are great. Want something better than Starbucks? Or that uses a different kind of roast than Starbucks? There are a couple options. Or you could do it yourself at home overnight.

If the mermaid coffee company makes cold brew into a thing the general public knows about, I’m confident we’ll start seeing a lot more great cold brew coffee options in grocery stores. It’s a bold future. Or a light roast one, if you prefer.

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