The one scene in The Force Awakens that stuck out like a sore thumb

I’ve tried to avoid spoilers here, but if you haven’t seen the movie yet, and you’re the type to think and think and think, it’s probably better to hold off on reading this for now. 
You’ve been warned. 
There’s one scene about midway through The Force Awakens where two characters talk about a third, and that conversation was the most stilted scene in the movie. It just didn’t feel as smooth and natural as the rest of the movie’s dialogue.
On the second viewing, I realized that it’s because they never refer to that third character by name. The writers held off on using the name so that its first use would be a bigger deal later in the movie. And that payoff only really works for big fans of the original Star Wars movies. Even as a fan, I couldn’t remember the name, and may not have even notice it was used the first time I watched it. I certainly didn’t nite its significance until the second viewing. 
Was it worth the stilted scenes earlier for a little payoff later? Maybe. Maybe that name will be a bigger deal in the next installment, and they’ll use it more. Or maybe they’ll drop it altogether and it will be just a fun tidbit for the mega fans. I don’t think it made for a better movie to do it this way, but perhaps it will make for a better trilogy, having established that character before releasing the name. 

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