Audience and purpose

24 Ways is one advent countdown I look forward to each year, but this year I didn’t have time to read any of them until after the holiday passed. I’m finally all most all caught up (just three left to go) and I already know which one is going to have the most staying power for me: Solve the Hard Problems
I started this exercise to build the habit of writing. Now that I have some momentum, I’m thinking more about doing the kind of thing Shawn Blanc does: write every day towards a goal, and publish when it’s ready. 
I’ve posted here for every day since the spring, but how many of those are high value posts? More often than not I’ve written for myself and simply just to write. Value for others has been secondary. When I’ve written for a who or an outcome, I’ve been pretty happy with the results. 
I’m not sure yet what my goal for this blog will be for the next year, but I do want to bring value to someone, and I do want to write for a purpose.

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