MacBook Pro with TouchBar isn’t enough touch. 

After a few minutes using the new TouchBar MacBook in the Apple Store today, a few things are super clear to me:

  • I love the touch bar and now totally want it. 
  • I’m amazed at how thin these new MacBooks are. I didn’t think I cared, but wow, I sure do. 
  • The speakers are loud. 
  • I already wish that touch bar had Taptic feedback. 
  • I can tell the difference between these and the MacBook One keys, even though I’ve never owned either. I loathe the MacBook One keys, but the clicks sound of the MacBook Touch’s keys totally works for me where the dead sound of the One doesn’t. 
  • Never before have I felt so strongly compelled to touch the screen of a laptop. The main screen. It’s like touch bar sets up the expectation that you can touch things now and the display lets you down. 

Good thing I’m not in the market for a laptop. 

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