Yes, Apple AirPods Hurt Like Hell. 

I’ve never really been able to use the headphones that came with an iPod or iPhone. The plastic has always hurt my right ear. 

I went for an AirPods try-on at my local Apple Store today. (Did you know that’s a thing?) My findings:

  1. Pairing process went nearly as smooth as advertised. 
  2. Surprisingly great volume and sound. 
  3. Isolated noise better than I expected. 
  4. Caused me intense physical pain in my right ear after just a few minutes. 

And now I have a headache and a really sore ear canal. Jamming hard plastic into ears? My right ear says no.

No two ways about it: as much as I want all the fun functionality of those fancy little wireless headphones, there’s absolutely no way I could ever wear them.

Maybe Jaybird X-3 earphones will be the way to go. At least those also offer some certainty of resistance against torrents of ear sweat (number two cause of headphones be death for me after wire failure). 

Ear canal update: Agony. 

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